The City of Stars

A large tourist attraction of Międzyzdroje is “The Promenade of Stars”. The first “Holiday Festival of Stars” was held in Julu 1996. From that time movie stars are comming here to impress their hands on the pavement called “The Promenade of Stars”. Today the Promenade has over 100 of star hands. Among them are: Jerzy Stuhr, Krzysztof Zanussi, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Gustaw Holubek, Krystyna Janda.


It is worthwhile visting also “The Woxworks Room”, where you can admire over 100 Woxworks of the natural size. They are showing famaus movie stars, singers, heroes of fairy tales. An excellent souvenir is a photo with a chosen waxwork.


Międzyzdroje has a beautiful beach and a pier 395 meters long, with stop for tourist ships.


One of the most beautiful lakes of “The Woliński National Park” is The Turquoise Lake, called also The Emerald Lake. It is Located in a village Wapnica. It owes its name to the turquoise colour of water. The lake is surrounded with numerous hill’s from where is a beautiful view on the Lake.