“The Slavs and Vikings Festival”

Is organized in Wolin. There is also located a mediaeval open air museum “The Slavs and Viking Centre”.

Visiting the reconstructions of the dwelling houses and the craftsmen work shops from the early Middle Ages, 9th to 11th century, you can see how the everyday life of our ancestors could have been and how they might have lived and worked. The huts are of different constructions and inside them you can see replicas of furniture, tools and household items they used 1000 years ago.

The idea of organising the Slavs and Vikings Festival is related not only to the undoubtful historical inspirations, but also to the archaeological research that has been conducted there for over a century.

During the Festival Viking, Slavs, Magyars, Balts, Ruthenians and descendants of other peoples build the replicas of mediaeval camps, prepare food with the use of traditional methods, make pots, weave cloth, forge make copies of mediaeval jewellery of silver and bronze, sew shoes and make armour.

At the same time on the lake you can observe sailing replicas of Viking and Slav ships with dragon-shaped prows.

The biggest attraction are however, battles during which we can see the clash of hundreds of warriors.


The opening hours (since 01.04.2015)

April – June                 10:00-16:00

July – August              10:00-18:00

September – October 10:00-16:00