Cruises …

Passenger Marina is located on Kościuszko Coast, which during the summer season there are regular cruises on the Baltic Sea and to Kamień Pomorski. There are three cruise ships taking tourists on a cruise. Corsair and Rose Weneda flow in to the sea and Victoria flows trougt the lagoon Kamienski to Kamień Pomorski.


The fising port is located on the waterfront Dziwny. The entrance to the port from sea side screen two breakwaters. In the local marinas is a place for dozens of yachts. At the port there is a monument in the shape of an anchor dedicated fischermen who died at sea.


The undoubted tourist attraction is also a drawbrige over the river Dziwna. Its complex Steel structure, painted in red. The process of lifting the brige is very spectaculars and is a tourist attraction of Dziwnów.


Very popular in the city is also a walking path is the Avenue of Stars of Sports Arena, plates decorated with replicas of medals Polish Sports Champions. The first brass replica medals unveited in 2002. Since then year after year, during the Festival of Sport Stars are exposed more pedestals with replicas of famour athletes. In addition to replicas of medals we have the opportunity to see the autographts of stars that these medals win.


Attraction for both adults and children


Seaside Park Minature and Queues is an interesting alternative for all those who during their holiday at the seaside are looking for activieties that diversity their stay. It is here that you will see the light houses of the Polish coast. There are also a huge attraction miniature locomotives moving between lanterns.