Trail trought Trzęsacz, Rewal directly to Niechorze



is an excellent place for paragliding for both beginners and advanced paraglider. Open and corvered with dune grass off below the sandy beach and the sea. Good access and ideal conditions make during the season and parachute gliders to Trzęsacz come from all over the country and from abroad.

In Trzęsacz just 200 m from the dunes has an observation deck on the sea at which majestically on the edge of the dunes facing the ruins of a Gothic church, which is a monument on a European scale.





Rewal atraction is the beautiful Family Amusement Park. WHALE PARK is located near the seaside Pobierowo. This is where you can spend almost the entire day with their children. Experience great adventur and take it with you wonderful memories.

Valentine Avenue in Rewal is a walking promenade with along the sea, leading to the observation deck.

There are statues of Romeo and Juliet as well ar the Little Prince with Rose. In paraller we can find a neigborhood alley Rose which holds as many as 148 different specier of roses. Observation deck is located on the sea, from there we can watch the beatiful sunrises and sunsets.



Near the village Rewal, in the village of Niechorze, we’ll find thumbnails of all the lighthouses of the polish coast, where the reproduction ratio is 1:10. In addition to minatures warth a visit alone Lighthouse population of 45m, a structure biult a hight cliff towering praudly over the area. At a height of 35,7 m was located observation the surrounding contryside within a radius of several kilometers.


And after a hike?

Experience the adventure and let yourself be enchauted by the magis of narrow track!


Narrow Gauge Railway Seaside is one of three active public narrow gauge railways in Poland.

“Ciuchcia-Retro-Express” is a fantastic attraction not only for railway enthusiast. Old cars and historic locomotive with an unusual name “Parys” allow for a moment to go back in the past.