International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Kamień Pomorski



The Organ of Kamień Pomorski was founded by Ernest Bogusław de Croy in 1669. The instrument’s dimensions reflect its magnitude: 13 m wide, 9 m high and 2660 pipes. The organs were significantly in 1962. Present day organs have 46 voices and around 3000 pipies.

Ramarkable features of the organs have contributed to the fact that International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music has been organized in the cathedral since 1964.


Concerts in Cathedral in Kamień Pomorski are every Friday at 19.00 from 19 July to 28 August




Museum of Stones


Museum of Stones in Kamień Pomorski has a collection of interesting minerals, fossils, a dinosaur exhibition and space exhibits.

The Museum is located in Wolin Gate and Tower which was founded in 1308.





Kamień Pomorski Marina is a real heaven for enthusiasts of sails, oars, windsurfing, kitesurfing etc. Excellent wind conditions, close distance to the Baltic Sea  and a well developed base make this marina worth recommending.

The marina is situated in a very enchantig part of the old town. It provides 240 berths for yachts and three hungars to keep the yachts in the winter.